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  • Samantha Lynn


Dare to be bold.

Dare to take chances

Dare to step into the unknown.

Dare to face the scary.

Dare to be amazing.

That’s my theme for 2020. Dare. I’m daring to do that which lights me up. Which ignites my fire. Which gets me so freakin’ amped that I can’t NOT do it.

Dream a daring dream..

Do you want to hear the goals?

I want to win the USA Cycling National Championship in Women’s Single Speed.

I want to finish Top 10 in the USA Cycling National Championship for Pro Enduro.

I want to finish Top 20 in the USA Cycling National Championship for Pro XC.

I want to podium at USA Cycling Marathon National Championship for Women’s Single Speed.

I want to finish Top 10 at the Pikes Peak Apex.

I want to publish at least 2 written magazine articles.

I want to start writing a book.

It won’t be easy.

Daring to fly high through the air!

The rush of the holidays. Sick Days. Busy weeks at work. Kiddo forgetting her laptop and texting from the bus. Moving houses. Training. Social activities. Significant Others. The early morning darkness outside. All of these have thrown a wrench at me over the past several weeks. All of these have knocked me off course. All of these have kept me away from working on my passions. I fall out of the rhythm I’ve set, and it seems impossible to make the time and create the space for myself and my work. Shit just keeps getting in the way.

But those are just excuses.

Life will always get in the way if we choose to let it. And oh have I let it derail me the past 6 weeks! But I’m ready to jump back strong. My goals, my visions, my dreams are too important to wait until tomorrow. Here are my strategies for overcoming these hurdles and roadblocks.

Daring to face the steeper-than-it-looks wooden ladder! Lake Pueblo State Park.

  • Schedule my week in advance. Is the sig other traveling? Do we have the kiddo this week? Writing down meetings, planning my training, and being fluid week to week helps to make sure I get everything done that I need to that week.

  • Schedule 90 minutes per day to work on my business, my writing, and my cycling team. This is non-negotiable, “Shh..I’m working”, me-time.

  • Indulge and savor morning tea. I spend this time enjoying a warm drink with my sig other and watching last night’s late-night comedians. It’s a lovely ritual that makes me happy and sets my day off on the right vibe.

  • Plan meals for the week. I try to do this on Sunday evenings, and shop for supplies on Mondays. I like to make big crockpot meals, soups, or casseroles so there are lots of leftovers for lunches and dinners. This way none of my time or energy during the week is wasted trying to decide that ever fateful “What’s for dinner?” question.

  • Have grace! At some point, even the best plans, are going to go to shit. Take a breath. Smile. Laugh. Things will be okay. Fix it, deal with it, and keep moving forward.

Now, what do you dare to do today?