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  • Samantha Lynn

Facing the Scary

I am a writer and book author.

I own an inspiring endurance athlete blog.

I am a podcaster.

I am a mountain bike national champion.

I can run a 5K in under 21 minutes.

I am a highly sought-after public speaker.

I am a go-to expert in endurance athlete medicine.

I’m full of shit. Some of these are true; some aren’t. Yet.

mountain bike, jump, women
Hucking into a steep landing. Blind. Literally jumping into the SCARY.

Have you ever sat down and thought deeply; really opened up and spoke the truth to yourself? Have you ever allowed yourself to dream BIG and discover what you truly believe your purpose to be?

I’ve never really had one clear idea of what I want to be when I grow up. As a kid I wanted to be a magician—an illusionist. I even sketched plans for a trick box to make myself disappear! In high school I wanted to work in Nashville as a recording engineer at a sound studio. Working at a local radio station satisfied that desire. I was a mass comm major for a year in college, and then I switched to Athletic Training. 15 years later I have realized I’ve been settling for what’s safe and known for the last 10 years and I’m bored.

Fort Collins, Horsetooth Reservoir, Shoreline, Mountain Bike
Pushing over the edge in the SCARY

Recently I’ve learned the term multi-passionate—someone who is inspired and sparked by learning new things, and having many different interests, but once they become proficient in an area may find themselves disinterested and the passion falls away. Holy shit, that’s me!

I thought I was just a gypsy soul moving from town to town and jumping jobs every 3 years. I was unable to find a traditional 8-5, healthcare and benefits career that made me scream “Yes! I fucking found it! The thing I’m meant to be doing in this world!”

Except that I have found it. It took a lot of reflection and coaching to accept it. I needed to open myself up and realize I wasn’t being less of myself to follow this dream—I was being so much more.

Ginny, Fort Collins, mountain bike, Bobcat Ridge
Dropping over the edge into the unknown.

My college athletic training professor gifted my graduating class these tiny motivational quote books. It was long ago lost in a flood in a former home. Inside he wrote on the inside cover in a rich black ink: Never settle for something just to make others happy. He knew. Fifteen years ago he knew I wasn’t doing what I was meant to be.

So did I. I just never listened. I may have grown bored and disillusioned in most of my professional career, but I’ve never lost the desire to write, to run, to mountain bike. I’m still thrilled to solve mysterious pain puzzles in athletes and help them train safely to achieve their dream goals. It’s the traditional setting of athletic training, inconvenient hours, and underwhelming pay that drains my energy.

Here I go—merging my passions into one venture with the hope of inspiring and encouraging others to train hard, race fiercely, and face the scary. Myself as well! I may not be all of those things I wrote at the beginning—but I will be.

First Draft Penguin #penciloftheday

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