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  • Samantha Lynn

Heart Over Head: Stop Bailing on Yourself.

It’s February. The month of love and sweethearts, chocolate and roses, reds and purples, snow and shitty weather, indoor riding and endurance training. With each day seemingly colder than the last, and an endless dumping of snow, I wake up motivated to do two things: drink hot British tea with milk under a soft blanket and eat rich, decadent sweets. My body trying to fatten me up to stay warm! At the very least it makes me happy as this dark, damp, chilled serving of winter trudges on.

If you wake up immediately ready to jump on the indoor trainer—high fucking five to you! Clipping on lights, stuffing Toasti-Toes into your fleece lined cycling boots, and sliding your lobster gloves into Bar Mitts to head out for a 3 hour pedal in 19 degree weather? You are a beast. Just don’t judge me while I snuggle up to watch season 3 of Glow on Netflix, with a steaming mug of Glengettie Gold, and a warm double fudge brownie fresh out of the oven, while you wonder if all 5 toes will still be attached when you return home from your ride.

Warm & Cozy | Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

Forgive me if I don’t consider trashing my bike on a road slushy with snowmelt, shivering uncontrollably, and hands so numb they throb, an epic adventure. I call that miserable and stupid. For those like me unwilling to suffer mild hypothermia and a half day bike rebuild just to get those endurance miles logged, then we must battle the dreaded indoor trainer. Or cross-country ski. Or snowshoe. Or run. Or climb indoors. Or strength train. Or yoga.

I will give myself a million reasons why I shouldn’t, or can’t, or don’t have time to train, when it isn’t on the bike. Even when it is on the bike, I can literally find any excuse to cut the ride time from 4 hours to 2 when it isn’t beautiful, sunny, and dry. We always need more flour, right? Maybe I should empty the cat box. When’s the last time I cleaned the ceiling fans? When the thing we most need to do, that thing that will drive us closer to our goals, is uncomfortable, our tendency is to talk ourselves out of it, and stay wrapped up in that safe blankie with our warm drink.

So this month I’ve set an intention of “Heart Over Head.” To remember every single day my goals. Write them down. Read through them again. Actively pursue the steps that lead to the big one. Dare to be better, to dream bigger, than I could ever imagine. I’ve made a promise to do the damn thing and not bail on myself. I’ve promised not to let my head get in the way of what the heart wants.

February. Heart Over Head. Filled with Netflix binges. Hot tea. Warm brownies. AND endurance training miles in whatever form makes me happy. I dare you to do the same.