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It is my mission at Empower to keep athletes training and surpassing their goals through individualized performance therapy.  As a certified athletic trainer, a sports medicine professional, I'm certified in several disciplines to deliver unparalleled care. A passionate athlete myself, I will inspire clients to train empowered—and have fun doing it.

Though I am currently not seeing clients, I want to keep the content flowing to keep you training empowered!  Follow along on the Blog and You Tube channel.





Injury Evaluation
Injury or nagging pain can disrupt daily life or wreak havoc on your training.  An evaluation by a Certified Athletic Trainer—AT—to assess the dysfunction followed by the appropriate exercises will have you training empowered once again.  We crank it to eleven by adding soft tissue therapy and Kinesio Taping as needed.


Soft Tissue Therapy
Repetitive training and dysfunctional movement patterns can cause soft tissue adhesions to build up and restrict normal range of motion.  Our clinician will rock a combination of myofascial release and instrumented soft tissue mobilization to treat the soft tissue.  Specialized instruments are used to detect and treat chronic adhesions then the AT will take you through a series of active movements and apply targeted stretch to specific muscles and their connective fascia.  Enhances recovery, prevents and treats injury. 


Kinesio Taping
A therapeutic taping technique designed to optimize the body’s natural healing process.  The Kinesio Taping Method allows the body to perform normal range of motion while decreasing pain and swelling, supporting muscles and joints, speeding recovery, and enhancing performance.  Performed by a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner—CKTP. 


Performance Movement Screen
Asymmetries in the body can cause altered movement patterns, which may lead to injury or keep you from performing at your desired level.  An AT will assess your major movement patterns, flexibility, and muscular strength to identify any imbalances and prescribe the appropriate training plan for you and your goals.

Athletic Trainer Event Coverage
A certified athletic trainer—AT—will provide first aid, injury management, and emergency care at your event.  Contact to discuss details.


certified athletic trainer || AT’s are allied healthcare professionals who specialize in the care and treatment of orthopedic and sport related injuries

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